December 29, 2008

After the hiatus...

Finally - back out yesterday and today. It felt good to hold the camera in my hand and to explore. Very diverse days in the terms of light and subjects. Yesterday - overcast and flat light, urban setting. Today - bright sunlight, crisp blue sky and the gardens with a fellow photographer (she got a new camera for christmas and it was about to burn her fingers off to go shooting) are some tidbits. I shot almost 400 frames over the two I won't bore you with the ten shots of the same building over and over and over. Funny how we do that now in the digital age, right?




We wish ourselves beautiful, we cry in the night




berry good


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, every one of them!!!!

  2. oh, wow. oh wow!

    i don't think i could ever grow tired of looking at your photos.

    i love where they take me. these are all amazing, Char, but i adore the first and the last!

    so glad you had some camera time, as i know you were wishing for that.

    if you come up with these kind of pictures after a hiatus, you should take them often! stunning!

  3. WOW! These are all so beautiful!!! I look forward to them :)

  4. Oh these are yummy. Now can we see the other 396? ;-)

    I love that first building, and the little corkscrewy vine spiral. And the bricks. Those are fantastic.

    Isn't an entire day spent filling up the memory card in your camera the best kind of day?

  5. lovely pics, Char... sounds like the perfect way to spend a couple of holiday days.

  6. so glad you "got back out" these are great.. thanks for sharing

  7. Captivating shots! I love winter light... Seems like you had fun! I think I love all of them, can't really choose a fave.

  8. i love the spring. thanks for sharing.

  9. oh goodness! Bravo my dear...I love them all!

  10. The first photo is great. Love an old building.

  11. so, what is the polite way - I found out today that I may be rude for not answering back comments?

    thanks everyone - I enjoy all of the comments and I blush at the compliments. I'll be better at commenting back to you sooner.

  12. Oh no honey! There's no rule. I just used to and now I don't as much anymore. But you don't have to at all... many bloggers don't. So don't worry! You're not rude at all!


  13. Wow, these are lovely! I would never be bored looking at those 400 pix, either. That's why I love digital photography. Looks like you got some great images and had fun, too :)

  14. Your photography is beautiful. Great blog too.

  15. They're all great but that first one of the building...ah, so wonderful!


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