December 19, 2008


In light of what is happening around me, I am posting something written a while ago.


What is significant? In relation to all we know in the world - what is significant? Is a mouse significant to an elephant? Or does the elephant walk on past never noticing the small creature hiding in the shadows?

How often have we walked on past a penny - deeming it not worth the effort to pick it up. But if we saw a hundred pennies - would we pick them up then? What if you saw a thousand pennies - is that worth it? So, if you picked up a thousand pennies one at a time - is that worth it or do you continue to walk on?

A grain of sand is nothing, or is it? If it's in your eye it becomes significant. Or, if you place millions of grains of sand on a beach it becomes a thing of beauty. A mote of dust is nothing until it dances in the sunlight. It's grace and grandeur can dazzle us for a minute or an hour.

So, when you think you are lost and alone - that you do not matter because you are one. Remember you are significant because you matter to me. I would stop to scoop you up. I would collect one, a hundred or a thousand of you. I will watch you dance to your own music and decorate the beach with your love. You matter. You are important. You are you.


  1. Char, this is beautiful. It makes my eyes fill up just to read that last paragraph. A wonderful reminder of what is true. Thank you.

  2. *wow* i felt my heart tug while reading this... Really sets things in perspective..
    Thank you for reminding me of what is and needs to be special.

  3. Your posts are always so thought provoking! This one REALLY hit. I had a minor test done at the hospital today & asked for my next of kin. I told them I didn't have any. They said everyone has a next of kin. i said... I don't... I don't have any family, it's just me. So... you can see why your post meant something to me today...

  4. Joy - my thoughts are with you. I'm always around to listen and hold a hand. You have always inspired me.

  5. i'm sending my sister to this post! a single penny on the ground has a special significance to her, and she picks up coins—even pennies everywhere she goes. now, i do it to, for the coins she finds on the ground get saved and are meant to go toward her starting an orphanage some day.

    it's a long story, but basically, to her, the forgotten pennies symbolize the forgotten people of this world. so i know she would love this post!

    i'm gonna call her right now.

    (beautiful photo, by the way!)

  6. That is so beautiful and seriously thank you as well for the reminder. It touched my heart.

    Happy Holidays!! :)


  7. Such a beautiful post, and a beautiful photo, too! Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I wish you all blessings this holiday season, and into the new year. :)

  8. thank you for this...

    you matter too :-)

  9. Oh goodness, I am stumbling upon some of the most inspirational words and images today, which I sorely need. Thank you :)


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