December 14, 2008

thoughts from Carol's Garden

I'm housesitting this weekend - funny how different a house feels than an apartment. I know that you can make an apartment a home, but there is just something about a yard. I've puttered around, made a yummy dinner and curled up and watched TV on her long, cushy sofa.

Her house is filled with a life of collections - particularly her pink depression glass displayed against a lime green wall. Her wet bar filled with shelves of funky drink glasses that make splashes of color against the tin lined wall. And I think of all the things I would do if I didn't have to worry about painting a dull construction beige wall and the dull beige carpet.
If I had a little cottage it would have wooden floors and bright white walls. It would decorated with bright, warm colors and a combination of the old and new things that I have loved over the years. My collection of antique luggage, by english bone china cups, and bits and pieces of this and that. And then I would start collecting more of the things that I'm drawn to these days. I would haunt thrift stores. And I would cook again - because I would have room to store cooking utensils instead of the cramped one cupboard where pans and food dwell now.

Today would be soup and cornbread - something simple and hearty. I would read the paper and cuddle with my sweet gray cat. I would wash clothes and prepare for the upcoming week. Maybe I would even bake some cookies or a cake....maybe even a cherry pie.

Maybe all this is coming to me and I'm putting this thought out into the universe. Because I miss my garden I used to have. I miss planting tulips and seeing them peek out after the winter's nap. I miss the bright pink vine of flowers and dream of a jasmine bower where I can sit to read. And I would have big windows with tons and tons of light.


  1. There is something very special about being able to paint the walls and plant, knowing it's yours.

    I don't have a house, but I have a condo/townhouse that has a nice garden patio. It's sort of an economical compromise.

    I can't wait for the tulips to reappear!

  2. The spring is coming fast enough now to make getting back out into the garden more than just a chilly visit.

  3. wow. you paint a very inviting picture here—where you are AND where you'd like to be.

    i love the description of the pink against the green. i was going to post some pics this week of my sister's place and call in pink and green. you've inspired me to do it now.

  4. Watch what you ask for, my dear, because a cottage could well be in your future. Wishes can be very powerful things.

    2009 could be your year of flowers, colors and cottages.

  5. I completely understand your yearning for a home, especially a cottage. I think that's why I was so drawn to your blog. I keep waiting for my day to come too...


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.