December 3, 2008

Columbia and surroundings

The area is really beautiful - unfortunately, not much time to take photographs except at the airport. Tomorrow I will see what I got. I'm riding high as I have two job interviews lined up and possibilities are presenting themselves.

things to do while bored during a 3 hour layover

I will catch up with everyone tomorrow as I've been without computer access for 48 hours!



  1. You might not have gotten a bicycle photo to me on time... but you can still be part of the contest and even win a prize! Come by tomorrow!

  2. That is one amazing picture myfriend.

  3. Such a lovely photo! =) Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Good people are hard to find. I'm confident that you'll eventually present yourself in such an impressive way and you will be hired. Watch n' see. ;) Hugs, M

  5. very pretty shot. seems so calm and tranquil


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