December 10, 2008

do you hear what I hear?


I've threatened to make this my Christmas card this year as I cannot seem to capture a good shot of the four children together.

Let me introduce you to Princess Molly Kinky Butt (yes, she has her own special song to go with that name.) She is so bestowed with the name due to her tiny nub of a tail bearing a likeness to a lightening bolt. Have you seen bigger ears on such a dainty little doggie?

I only wish I had found her a special Christmas necklace before I got this shot.


  1. Oh, can you take another shot with the Christmas necklace?

  2. Hiii thanks a lot for the advice,that make me feel better with my own camera...
    And i really appreciate u'r words,that nice words...
    Maybe one day if i had enough money i will buy SLR camera...
    Thanks, C U..:)

  3. I just love this!!! I'm working on something for you.... I need to eke out some time tomorrow.....
    it's a surprise!

  4. she so deserves a card of her very own...xo

  5. This is adorable! I'd use it for sure. I was thinking of sending Christmas cards with pix of my dogs posing together like people who have kids do, but I ran out of time :)

  6. what a cute dog and a wonderful shot - it makes a perfect Christmas card. i saw what O.Joy did to it.


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