December 27, 2008

Hope I'm not showing my undies!

The glorious Tangobaby gifted a few fellow bloggers with some awards and I was indeed honored to be among the group. If you haven't read Tangobaby yet...well, you need to get over there! Her blogs really strike a chord with me. As do a lot of the people that are listed either on the left side of my blog or on the "Blogs I Follow" list on my dashboard.

The awards?

"Blogs I love"


The SSA!

*curtsy* It's always fun to be remembered by a fellow blogger. But I love to the share the love around. Do poke your noses into the blogs I've recommended. Not all may appeal to you - but, you may find some you like. I've noticed more and more people coming to some of my very favorites and adding to their growing list. It's fun spreading the love!

And thank you again Tangobaby - I think you're the bomb diggity.


  1. CONGRATS! such a sweet blog deserves recognition. :)


  2. tee hee... I must have felt you writing about this because now I've just tagged you for a meme, you know which one...

    I'm glad you're enjoying your awards!

  3. well-deserved.

    i live the pin for the "Blogs I Love" award. very pretty.

  4. Congrats! I think it's awesome that I happened upon your artistry... not only in your eloquent rhetoric but amazing photography... it's nice to chat and get to know people in the same mind frame here in blogland.

    Again, congratulations and thanks for the links to other great creative minds.


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