December 12, 2008

sunshine, Anne Frank and jellybeans

What a difference a day can make. No, I didn't find a job overnight but with the sun coming out and shining it seems to make the world an easier place in which to cope. They predicted snow last night in Birmingham but of course, we didn't see nary a flake. I went out on the breezeway of my apartments last night to see if I could spot a flake. No, still nothing. But - the sky was this amazing antique pink from the reflections of city lights on the thick, gloomy, rainswollen clouds. Torn between cold and wet and a rather perfect shot, I wimped and tried to handhold the shot. Much to my chagrin - my hands are just not steady enough for a darken wintery sky.

Yesterday was spent swimming the beautiful places of blogland - making new friends and finding new discoveries. My world was awash in gorgeous colors and places and reading the hopes and dreams of many. And though, at times, I tend to wear my sarcastic nature as a steel-lined cloak - I find myself comparing my inner child to Anne Frank, who believed in the goodness of it all. Even when the world is harsh and ugly.

I found a box of Christmas ornaments yesterday that I thought I had lost or had been broken. Each year, my glass ornaments are wrapped with tender care in tissue paper so the following year when I open them, they are like a surprise gift. The box sits in my office now - waiting for the right light, the right moment and my camera. I have been inspired by the photographers and maybe today is the day I get to try my 50mm on the ornaments.

Or my jellybeans...I do so love a good jellybean.


  1. Wow, what a find. Thanks for visiting ShoeLove, not only for sharing in our love of shoes, but introducing me to your wonderful blog and incredible photography. Seeing your work (both writing and photography) has newly invigorated me, which is exactly what I needed. So thanks, and I'll be stopping by quite a bit! :)

  2. Ahh, the circle is complete, Char.

    I already knew you...I had fallen in love with your beautiful photos. And now here you are. Isn't that lovely.

    Thank you for the reminder about Anne Frank. Not only did she see the good of the world, but she was strong and brave.

    I hope the path ahead for you is brighter and easier. Friends in blogland can help with that. And so can your camera.

    I'll be back. Take care.

  3. I love this post...seems to be the perfect representation of you...I am thinking th job thing will be working out so soon...xo t


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