December 17, 2008

on the first day of unemployment my true love said to me....

Actually I'm not so much unemployed as I'm without a job currently. I'm lucky enough that I finished my work and my soon to be ex-job let me stay home with pay to work on my job as much as I joke - I do have a paycheck until 12/31.

So, after having a double whammy of goodbyes yesterday (work and Samford) I decided to sleep in, run errands and start the combing of want ads. Well, the phone rings early - so no sleeping in. I did run tons of errands today and now understand the allure of the lady of leisure role. Before I always swore that it would bore me, but I suspect they work as hard as anyone - especially with children. I had the oil changed in my Jeep, I dropped off dry cleaning, scheduled an interview, bought tulle to make handmade tu-tus for the nieces, purchased some christmas presents, picked up some prints at Wolf...oh, you caught that?

Yes, I scheduled a job interview. So....that's a successful first day, right? It makes me feel better. It may not be "the one" but any interview is a good one in today's economy. And, I bought cookies! I know, I know - it's the time of year to bake but being single, it's easier for me to visit Edgar's for their yummy featherweight lemon cookies than it is to buy ingredients. And their pecan sandies? To.Die.For.

One week until Christmas eve! Are you counting the minutes? I officially have one more present to buy - it's for my youngest niece. She's one, so....I may go to Homewood Toys to be inspired tomorrow. She loves baby dolls but she just got a new Bittie Baby for her birthday. hmmmmmm

In the meantime, my favorite Christmas shot from last weekend.
silver and gold


  1. i love this delicate image. i have a very similar decoration—just a vintage bowl that holds gold and silver ball ornaments. but i leave it out all year.

    you have inspired me to take a picture of mine.

    i'm sorry you are having to go through such a difficult thing. but, i am so glad to hear you've scheduled an interview.

    . . . keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. I am so happy you are keeping constructively busy...and that you have an interview!!! I also love that lovely...xo t

  3. I just had the chance to catch up to your blog on here. I'm so sorry to hear about your job situation.

    Your pictures, though are great.

  4. Job interviews are good, and the more practice you get, the more comfortable you'll feel when that "right" one comes along... and it will.

    The photo is lovely, just beautiful.

    And isn't it nice to be able to get some things done without rushing around on a Saturday? Good for you. Enjoy your cookies. Relax--you deserve it!

  5. Hiii...
    I'm so sorry to hear about your job situation.
    Ohh i really can't help if that problem about job and interview...
    But i think u must relax and calmdown if u have trouble or problem,take it easy but don't easy to give up,try, try,and try again...
    U'r photos as usually always great and i like its...
    Success to u...

  6. What a beautiful festive image!! Love that it's a bit different (good way!) from the norm!!

    Hug for you, girlfriend!! A job interview is HUGE!! I've been looking for a part time job to supplement photography... haven't had an interview in 6 months of looking! I kinda feel like a house on the housing market... no lookers!! lol!!

    You have many blessings... the interview, getting paid leave to do a job search, family... & all of us, cheering you on!!

    Go girl!!

  7. best of luck in your interview(s). those days of "leisure" do tend to get filled up rather quickly don't they?
    I'm with you on the Christmas cookie thing - the lemon cookies sound delicious.

    I love your Christmas balls photo.

  8. Yes...let's be thankful you have an interview. Don't despair...something good shall come. And think of your mom's will get easier after 2 years since your mom passed away...but you'll feel a 'soft spot of sadness' now & again and feel quite LUCKY that you had the time that you did have w/her. So many never have that...
    Happy Holidays from 'me' and your mom sends it to you, too...I can sense that NOW.
    Holiday Hugs,

  9. Congrats on the interview, I hope it went well :) Pretty picture!!!

  10. Kudos on the interview! Even if it isn't what you want it's always nice to have some kind of security in this mess, MESS of a world right now.

    I'll think of you and hopefully you'll nab something quick!

    Love the image! Reminds me of something light, airy, and full of sugar!

  11. Lovely, lovely pic.

    I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

    I hope you land a job quickly and get something that treats you well. You are too valuable a person to suffer in a job that sucks. And I've been unemployed before too, for quite a while in fact, so I understand how it can be scary. Try to enjoy the holidays and enjoy Christmas through your niece's eyes :)

  12. Hi! Hope your interview goes(went?) well. :) You are spoiling your nieces with handmade tutus. I wish I had an aunt like you. Or that my kids did, yeah, that one. It sounds better.


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