December 23, 2008

sappy words and hot tea

Christmas Angel

My mind is on so many things this morning. The nature of good and evil, the good intentions of loved ones and the essence of friendship. A lot of heavy thoughts on this Christmas eve eve...and not one I'm ready to share with everyone.

But instead, I will take a page from my friend Georgia's blog, there are ten things that warm my heart today.

1. The love of family and friends - everlasting and everlong. It it the beacon in the storm and the shelter in the cold.
2. The grace of forgiveness and forgetting - there have been so many times that I have screwed up, whether intentionally or unbeknown to me. Forgiveness is appreciated but forgetting is true grace.
3. The laughter of children at this season and all year through - nothing makes me smile more than seeing the sheer joy of a child's face alight with happiness.
4. The security of living in a country where we have abundant resources. And though we don't always use them the best we can - we have much here and I'm grateful for the access to those resources.
5. The simple pleasure of hot tea, honey and a good shortbread cookie. When the weather is dank and nasty - I have these simple things to warm my stomach.
6. The unconditional affection of my boy kitty - though I fuss and cuss that I don't want the responsibility of a pet, I do enjoy his snuggles and purrs when I'm feeling down and lonely.
7. The warm light of candles.
8. The words of other writers that strike a chord deep within my heart. Words to lift and inspire me...words of comfort, words of peace, words of understanding, vulnerability, even fear. A reminder that though I feel lonely, I'm not always alone.
9. My camera's ability to explore places I've never "seen" before and the comfort I receive just holding it in my hands.
10. And the knowledge that in the midst of it all....weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning.


  1. these are all wonderful things.

    number 10—my favorite. i love those words—"joy comes in the morning."

    i wish you joy, Char.

    thank you for your post. it has warmed me, too.

    i may have already wished you a merry Christmas, but i'm doing it again.

    Merry Christmas, Char.

    big blog hugs,

  2. i like your list of 10 ten things that warm your heart and the way you have expressed them.
    I hope all is well with you - i wish you a very Merry Christmas and exceptional New Year.
    i'm glad to have you as my new blogger friend.

  3. This is a lovely lovely list of things that make us all realize how much the small things, the intangible things, are what really make our lives rich and rewarding.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a new year full of hope and all good things.

  4. Nostalgic and lovely. Well said! I've chosen you to be tagged. Please visit my blog for the "rules" and to play along.

  5. 7. The warm light of candles.

    Beautiful myfriend.

    Warmest hugs and best wishes to you, from me.

  6. VERY nice post... words of wisdom... great thoughts... feelings...

  7. I am blessed by all of you. New friends and old. Sending you all much love and wishes for the dreams to come true.

  8. "joy comes in the morning" -- I love that. I wish you all the joy of the season. Merry Christmas!

  9. How very warming- The words alone warmed me without the added coffee. Have a very blessed holiday Char...

  10. Charlane,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and encouragement, I (as well as my family) appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the best of New Years!

  11. Thank you! Your ten things that warm your heart really touched mine.
    Sending love and peace to you this Christmas!

  12. That is such a beautiful photo
    Merry Christmas Y'all!

  13. All very true, and very good things. It's so nice to appreciate the big and little things in life.


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