December 9, 2008

to the tune of....

my past five days consisted of:
6 hours of shopping,
5 christmas purchases,
4 beloved children,
3 different cities,
2 job interviews, and
1 princess birthday party!!

It's been a whirlwind and I get to sleep in my own bed tonight....even though there were lovely beds in the cities, there is nothing quite like at home, is there? The job interviews were just tender seedlings planted with wishes and hopes for more.

I feel as if I've neglected my blog lately. But, hopefully the rest of this week will settle down so I can put my past couple of weeks into some type of perspective. Like the album title says, "what if it all means something." Well....of course it does. I can't believe we're all here aimlessly floating around and just bumping into each other for absolutely no reason.

I just need to find another special purpose. Photobucket


  1. It all means something, it's just that maybe we don't actually have the answers right now.

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  4. Usually they find you. Just be ready to jump when it happens...

  5. "wherever you are, be there fully..."

    great to find your blog.



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