December 7, 2008

new eyes

yesterday I learned the new world of courtesy interviews but weathered a storm in my heart. my toes dipped into the world of interviews, I have to believe the right thing will happen at the right time and as my sister reminds me, I have a plan.

today was one of those perfect days where you go with dear friend and just have a wonderful day. shopping two artist communities to find perfect presents you would have never found in a store. tomorrow I will take some shots of these gorgeous hand-painted angels I found...and if my sister will let me, her necklaces she is making.

the sunset tonight was the most glorious I've seen in a while - the perfect and crisp blue against the oranges and golds that slipped into fushia and melons then into deep purples. a day filled with new photo opportunities and plans to get out to the wetland with my camera.

I saw my hometown with new eyes of many old places - I laughed at the tour guide that was taking us on a commando tour of old town, I cried with friends, and I held perfect love in my arms in the form of my niece.

and I set off my brother's house alarm - you just can't win them all....but, it's fun trying.


  1. ENJOY your day through new eyes!

  2. Crying with friends is a good release. Only when we CRY or SWEAT to we release pain...and what a better way to release that than wi/a great friend.
    Michael (also your friend)...LOL

  3. Setting off the house alarm sounds like a blast :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day... well, except for the alarm part!! But even that made for a good story!!

  5. thanks for the comment on my card, Char! and thanks for stopping by.

    I see your comments all the time on Chelsea's blog, so I go check out yours from time to time. I enjoy your writing very much.

    have a wonderful week!


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