December 13, 2008


You really must visit Joy today!!! She's giving away two awesome freebie textures....AND you get to see Molly all dolled up for Christmas! clicky clicky here!!

plus...check out her words - she's inspirational with her 30 days of gratitude.

This is one of the shots edited with a free texture -


  1. I didn't know you had a dog! My very first dog was a Boston Terrier named Tiger. They're such a sweet breed!

  2. it was my mom's dog and lives at my sister's house! My cat is wayyy to neurotic

  3. Ah! By the way, that snowman with the polka dot background is way too cute!

  4. this was such a great idea for you guys to do! what cute little Christmas cards these images would all make!

    so much talent out there! it's amazing!

  5. Cool! I'm definitely going to check that one out!


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