February 18, 2009

sign of the four

no...not the Sherlock Holmes story - - the tag. My friend, Elizabeth, at Mind Whisperings tagged for me for the fourth shot game that has been floating around. These are the rules:

1. Go to the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.
2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

I'm always glad to share shots like the one below as anyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about my family. This shot was taken in 2006 during GA's first trip to the beach. It's titled "I Need a Drink" and I think it speaks well to a typical day on the Alabama Gulf Coast. She's definitely been raised as a waterbaby and loves the beach. However...it wasn't always this way, like her aunt - she hates the sand clinging to her.

so....I don't know who to tag - how about anyone that hasn't been tagged with this one and feels like playing along?

In other news - I actually saw my cat this morning as I found one of his hiding places. He immediately left and scooted to a new place. Rat basta.......aw well, anyway.


  1. Awww, such a cute pic. And also, tomorrow's blog post taken care of. Sweet!

    Anna xxx

  2. I'm sure your cat will adjust soon, they do know how to make us feel guilty though don't they.

  3. See, I knew I screwed that up. It's the folder, not the flickr page. I'm like the weak link in the dodgeball game at recess. I let go.

    Now my whole meme was wrong. Oh well.

    I like your photo though, very much!

  4. That is a sweet photo, and filled with warmth! Thanks for playing along...

  5. Oh jeez, this reminds me......I forgot to participate in one that I was tagged for! D'oh

  6. this pic is so cute! she is adorable!

  7. happy memories there ...glad you located the cat...before he went into hiding again

  8. She is a pistol for sure! :)

    Julie - there is no right and wrong on tags. I always play with them in some way. So...no worries sweets.

  9. Oh, she is such a sweetie! ANd I love the title of the photo. lol

  10. this whole cat story is cracking me up....I mean I feel really bad for him and know that the change is really upsetting him...but it's sure making us laugh !!!

  11. ...GA is gorgeous! and I would love to see more of the Alabama Gulf coast...

    ...I think I will play along with you on memory lane as my pic involves a glass of wine too!

    Word Verification for this post=sunchees! Love it!

  12. Adorable kiddo... She looks like she's fun to squeeze and tickle!!!

    Kitty's comin around? Good to know that you guys are settlin' in.

  13. i love this!

    i'm gonna play for sure!

    and i love the photo you took. what a precious little one


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