February 17, 2009

tweety can rest easy now

The past four to five days are jumbled up among the boxes, my jeep and my old apartment. Scattered along Interstate 65 are bits and pieces of my life and I'm gathering them up much like wool snagged on brambles in the wilderness. I'm not sure yet if I can put all of my feelings into a post. There is happy, sad and other emotions that run the gamut of at least a to m (or so).

There is much evidence my cat is alive as he is eating the food I leave for him. The little uhhhh....minx. Moving him was an interesting mix of trauma, terror and a bit of blood. Putting him in the kennel is always a bit of Sylvester clinging to the ceiling with four legs to each compass direction. Then name calling is done on both sides (I speak fluent cat-ese). By the time he figured I was serious, he grew silent and rubbed my fingers through the wires of his kennel with his muzzle. My heart broke. When I released him, he crept through the basement on the tips of his toes. Yesterday I saw a glipse of him but since then - nothing. At all. I know he is eating because the food disappears. My heart is still broken that I've traumatized my 16 year old baby like this.

My sister channeled my mom on Saturday and helped out a lot with placement of things and getting to the nitty gritty of it all. My brother is a dollface and got me back on line in a hurry.

There are a few things left to be done - mostly the clean up and final paperwork. Then the Birmingham chapter will be closed - it will be a fun place to visit. Already I'm missing the gardens and the cherry blossoms that will bloom soon. I have to go by there when I go clean this week (or weekend).

Today I got to spend the day with my youngest niece...I won't bore you with the details of this precious baby, but - she is good for my heart. As is all the other things I find in Montgomery. The bad thing is that I haven't been able to take photos since last week as the camera is still packed. I have to get it out tomorrow. I'm feeling lost without it.


  1. ah, char, i know that 'moving an old cat' bit. my poor baby was moved a 12-hour drive, and she hated every minute of it, and let me know--loudly--pretty much every minute of it. when we finally moved into our new apt, she hid under the bed for a few days. then when she finally came out, she was spittin' mad and screamed at me from the corner--when i tried to pick her up and comfort her, she slashed me to bloody pieces. by the end of that, i was crying and she was crying, and i thought she'd never forgive OR forget... eventually she did both. :)

    i'm glad you're near family and can have some interaction with niece(s) and nephews(?)... kids are such a wonderful part of life!

    wishing you the best in your new home!

  2. Now we just need to find Tony and get you some sleep. Think Savannah, sweets, it WILL happen.
    Lovin' you, chicken dinner..xoxoxox

  3. Having family at the end of a long, cat-stressed journey is wonderful, I bet. Welcome to your new home, Char. :)

  4. love your descriptions here. Your words are painting image upon image and are quite delightful to read!

  5. wishing you all the best in your new home. it is nice that you have family nearby now - and children are almost always a blessing to be around - keeps the child in us alive.
    can't wait until you unpack your camera and get back to shooting although I've really enjoyed you word posts too.

  6. You've been tagged... With no new photos to share, perhaps you can delve into the archives for a dusty gem!

  7. I like how you wrote that 1st paragraph, glad to hear you are getting settled, sort of

  8. At least he is eating. Hopefully, he will feel more comfortable in your new digs soon. Best of luck in your new home. :)

  9. everything is falling in to place. and it will be a relief when kitty comes around. i'd say kitty will be ok in a few days. maybe some tuna or salmon would pick up the pace a little? maybe?


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